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TexQuest: TexQuest Learning Conference

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Schedule:Region 4 Learning Conference: Explore More

Go to for a current version of this schedule, session descriptions, and handouts.

Session Descriptions

Check schedules to find when sessions are offered. All sessions may not be included at all conferences.

Sessions and Handouts

Register for 2019 TexQuest Learning Conferences

ESC-4 Learning Conference, 9/24/19 (register)
7145 West Tidwell Road, Houston

ESC-11 Learning Conference, 11/5/19 (register)
1451 South Cherry Lane, White Settlement

ESC-10 Learning Conference, 11/6/19 (register)
870 West Buckingham Road, Garland

ESC-20 Learning Conference, 11/8/19 (register)
1314 Hines Avenue, San Antonio

ESC-12 Learning Conference, 1/28/20 
2101 W. Loop 340, Waco

Past Mini-Conference Schedules

ESC-17 Learning Conference, Lubbock, 6/19/19
Full Schedule including links

ESC-11 Mini-Conference, Fort Worth 2/26/19
Full Schedule including links

ESC-4 Mini-Conference, Houston 9/25/18
Full Schedule including links-

ESC-6 Mini-Conference, Huntsville 9/24/18
Full Schedule including links-

ESC-ONE Learning Conference, Edinburg 8/16/18
Full schedule including links

ESC-10 Learning Conference, Richardson 8/3/18
Full schedule including links

ESC-14 Learning Conference, Abilene 8/2/18
Full schedule including links 

ESC-20 Learning Conference, San Antonio 7/30/18
Full schedule including links 

ESC-13 Learning Conference, Austin - 7/20/18
Full schedule including links

ESC-12 Learning Conference, Waco 6/25/18
Full Schedule including links

    Funding for TexQuest is provided in part by a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services in combination with state and local funds.