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TexQuest provides access to authoritative digital resources for educators, students, and students' immediate families in Texas K-12 public schools and open-enrollment charter schools.

Tools & Training

Implementation Guide

Follow these steps to INCREASE AWARENESS, USE, AND INTEGRATION of your TexQuest resources.
  1. Learn about TexQuest. You may copy and modify the linked slide show for use at your own school/district.
  2. Add links to your TexQuest resources on your district, school, and/or library webpages. Make it easy for your patrons to find the resources by providing multiple access points and direct links to specific databases. Images and Links can help you with icons, widgets, and direct links. See examples of what other campuses/districts have done at TexQuest IPAs.
  3. Complete the TexQuest District Customization Request to customize all of our district TexQuest user names and passwords or to IP authenticate so your students don't have to log in when using TexQuest at school. To customize access by campus, please contact each new provider separately at the addresses on Campus Customization FAQs.
  4. Learn about TexQuest resources and their features. The DIY Basic Training on the Training page has been created by the providers with trainers in mind. Each video of less than 30 minutes should provide you with enough "how to" information on each resource to feel comfortable sharing with other teachers. Check out the provider support page for more detailed information to share with your teachers and students.
  5. Look at the TexQuest Training Calendar to see if live training or a mini-conference is scheduled for an ESC in your area, or check with your ESC TexQuest contact to see what is planned for this year. Complete the TexQuest Training form to host live webinars from TexQuest providers at your district.
  6. Show your staff how the TexQuest resources can be integrated into their curriculum. Focus on features like Text to Speech, Translations, and TEKS Correlations to get their interest. The TexQuest General Resource Guide can be linked, modified, and/or shared with your faculty as a reference. The slide show 13 Ways TexQuest Helps You Reach Students is aligned to the guide and can also be copied and/or modified.
  7. Offer short focused training sessions to individuals or small groups. Start with a department grade level, or special needs group and show them how to use one resource that aligns to their curriculum or needs. Special education is a good place to start. Check out some of the specialized resources at
  8. Encourage students to use TexQuest by featuring resources on your website, using social media, or customizing bookmarks and seasonal promotional materials. Customizable seasonal promotions are available at
  9. Share TexQuest resources with parents at PTA/PTO meetings, open house, or even virtually. The Parent Connection section has resources for parents including a slide show for parents, articles, and an infographic that can be tweeted or used as a presentation. Encourage parents to use TexQuest at home with their students.
  10. Get ideas from librarians and teachers around the state with TexQuest Integration & Promotion Activities (IPAs). Submit one of your own, along with links to share resources you have created. Building on our success makes the program stronger!

Username/Password Do’s

  • Do post the UN/PW on a page that is in a Learning Management System or on a page that uses Single Sign On to authenticate users
  • Do post the UN/PW in Google Classroom
  • Do email, text, and print the UN/PW to students and parents
  • Do send the UN/PW home on paper products like bookmarks, or teaching packets

Username/Password Dont's

  • DO NOT post UN/PW on a public accessible web page that is available to anyone

Username/Password Sharing Ideas

  • Send UN/PW in emails (If you decide to email the password to students school emails addresses, you are welcome to download a Seasonal flyer, save to your computer, and add the link (for example, if you are using the Navigator, type the link,, select district name, and type district password). 
  • Print all district passwords and send them home with packets to parents.
  • Create a password protected Google document with all school passwords that are linked to your webpage so participants only need to know one password.
  • Find out how your district is sending out other resource login information and request that TexQuest be included in those communications.
  • Share UN/PW through the "Remind" app
  • School bus hotspots
  • Place QR codes to TexQuest resources links, for articles or eBooks, on school bus windows with UN/PW
  • Add strips of paper with TexQuest UN/PW and the link to Navigator, LMS, SSO system, or Google doc, to student lunches being distributed
  • Download, save, and modify the TexQuest Resource Guide, by adding icons, links, and UN/PW information for all available resources and share with faculty