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TexQuest: For ESC Contacts Only

Reliable online resources for Texas public schools provided with support from the Texas Legislature

ESC Contact Responsibilities

How We Work Together

The TexQuest Support Center at ESC-20 will maintain the program website, provide help desk and technical support, coordinate training efforts, design content for training and outreach, and communicate closely with ESCs. Training options will include face-to-face workshops, live webinars, and on-line video screen casts. 

As detailed in the Memorandum of Understanding, ESC-20 will provide support and flow through funds for TexQuest training and integration in your region.

ESC Contact Responsibilities

Ensure Awareness of TexQuest in Your Region

  • Contact to request a link to a list of participating districts in your ESC, along with their access information.
  • Direct schools who have never signed up to up
  • Share information about TexQuest at curriculum meetings, in newsletters and listservs, at schools where ESC services are provided. Program materials at can be copied and modified for sessions
  • Include TexQuest related sessions at conferences at your ESC.
  • Share TexQuest resources with ESC staff who train and interact with region educators.
  • Encourage TexQuest users to sign up for program updates from TexQuest X-Press.

Schedule TexQuest Training Through Your ESC

Access to TexQuest Resources

How ESC Personnel Access TexQuest Resources

ESC Usernames and Passwords
Contact TexQuest Support for your ESC's username and password. ESC usernames and passwords should be shared with ESC personnel only.  Districts should use their district access information, never ESC usernames/passwords. Current training credentials can be requested from TexQuest Support.

Links to TexQuest Resources
Access TexQuest resources from the first page (Search Tab) of the TexQuest Website

How Districts Access TexQuest Resources
Districts can access TexQuest resources from with the district username and password. TexQuest resources may be linked from multiple district/school web pages. Each district has a default user name and password which can be customized. Access and customization are addressed in the Access and Customization FAQs. For a list of your region's participating districts and their default and/or customized usernames and passwords, please contact the TexQuest Support Center.

ESC Hosted Training Procedures

Host ESC will:

  • schedule training dates for current Fiscal Year  prior to January 31 to allow for inclusion in TCEA and TLA promotions
  • provide room/rooms, computer, devices, and/or technical support for participants
  • provide presenter system with internet access, speakers, and technical support for trainer
  • submit information for Training Calendar at
  • put on local ESC training calendar, advertise and promote sessions to potential participants in ESC area
  • attempt to ensure at least 25 participants during a full day of training
    • if fewer than 10 attendees have registered 2 weeks prior to training, trainer has the option to substitute a live webinar
  • provide sign in documents and evaluations to ESC-20
  • if provider trainer information is provided by ESC-20, contact trainer directly about number of participants, time changes, etc.
  • notify ESC-20 of any major changes/cancellations
  • provide CEUs, if applicable
  • request flow through funds by emailing invoice with ESC-20 provided P.O. # to Rachel Morales when MOU training for the year is complete, sign in sheets have been provider, and evaluations have been submitted.

TexQuest Support Center at ESC-20 will:

  • notify product trainers of requests from ESCs 
  • coordinate dates and trainer availability with requesting ESC, and provide session descriptions for calendar placement and promotion
  • place links on Training Calendar at
  • approximately one month prior to training
    • send messages about training to appropriate TexQuest contacts at every participating district in ESC area 
    • provide host ESC contact with trainer contact information so they can communicate directly
  • approximately three days before training
    • provide ESC contact with access information for all participating districts in ESC area
    • provide ESC contact with modifiable handout to provide participants with their access information
  • provide product trainers with TSLAC requested and approved online materials (slides) to align sessions
  • maintain online evaluation forms and share results with trainers and ESC's if requested
  • maintain aligned training materials on website, and provide space for product trainer presentations/online materials if requested
  • remind ESC contact when requirements for flow through funds have been met 

Product trainer will:

  • notify ESC-20 of trainer availability within 2 days of request
  • make appropriate travel arrangements for timely arrival and departure
  • notify ESC-20 of any major changes/cancelations
  • provide own laptop for presentation if none is available
  • provide appropriate TexQuest-branded training materials for sessions
  • use TSLAC requested and aligned online materials (slides) for TexQuest consistency
  • encourage participants to use their district TexQuest access whenever possible, but have a backup sign-in procedure so all participants can use resources during training

Training FAQs

Can we receive support for hosting a training if ESC 20 is not present?  Yes, as long as:

  • it is open to all districts
  • there is no charge for the training
  • sign-in sheets and program evaluations are sent to ESC-20 after each session
  • coordinatation with TexQuest Support Center takes place ahead of time so training is listed on website calendar, ESC Training Calendar.

If we conduct our own training session, can we put it on the TexQuest calendar? Absolutely. See above. We advertise training on our online calendar if it is available for anyone.  If you train at a specific school or district, we would not add that to the calendar.

How do we document 5 TexQuest Integration Sessions as mentioned in the MOU? Copy and complete the linked form, and email the link to Norma M. Gutierrez.

If we want to have our own training, who should conduct it? Some service centers use their own staff to conduct the training. There are some very talented librarians in your areas who could help out with the permission of their districts.

How many trainings can we schedule each year?  Although the MOU provides support for the equivalent of 2 full days of training each fiscal year, you are welcome to provide more.

How do we determine what training to offer? Check with local librarians, teachers, and administrators to see what training is needed. We can request providers for product specific training or ESC personnel can conduct training on integrating multiple resources. See the training menu on the right for some training menu options, or call us and we will create something specifically for your ESC.

Can districts get individual TexQuest training? All of our vendors are willing to conduct live webinars for individual districts of up to one hour. If a district would like to request individual training, they should fill out the linked TexQuest Training Request. TexQuest Support at ESC-20 is also available for live district webinars that focus on promoting and integrating all resources.

How do we request flow-through funds? Upon completion of the requirements for the full flow through amount, ESC-20 will send you a P.O. #. Your ESC should create an invoice and send it to Rachel Morales.


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Institute of Museum and Library Services logo   Funding for TexQuest is provided in part by a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services in combination with state and local funds.