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TexQuest: News & Updates

Reliable online resources for Texas public schools provided with support from the Texas Legislature

TexQuest E-mail Blasts

Summer 2019 TexQuest Program Changes (6/15/19)

TexQuest logo

Summer 2019 Program Changes:

Emails from the TexQuest Support Center to participating district Primary, Librarian, and Technology contacts:

May 13 Letter

June 17 Letter

July 17 Letter

Update your district contacts and/or sign up for the TexQuest X-Press to make sure you receive all important information.

The TexQuest Refresh 2019 slide show will be updated with new information as it's received from our providers.

Britannica Fundamentals Replaces Britannica Learning Zone (8/17/19)

Britannica Fundamentals icon

Britannica Learning Zone is now Britannica Fundamentals

  • Direct access and access from Britannica Elementary automatically redirects
  • No longer Flash based
  • Four sections: Play, Read, Explore, Create
  • Overview Video 
  • Educator Guide

Gale Product Enhancements (7/26/19)

Gale/Cengage logo

Gale Product Refresh July 26, 2019

Link to Gale Promotional Flyer

Gale Technical Documents

Add Gale Infotrac Student Edition (6/15/19)

Beginning June 15, 2019, participating districts will also have access to magazines, journals, newspapers, and reference books targeting a student audience that cover a wide range of classroom subjects.


  • Visit Images and Links and Provider Support Page for icons, widgets, and URLs to add to district and campus web pages, singles sign on and learning management systems.
  • Resource will be accessed with current Gale credentials.
  • ​Resource will automatically be added to TexQuest Gale pages.
  • Campuses/districts with customized Gale pages should contact Gale or add resources to Gale pages.

More information available at Gale Support.

Remove Britannica eBooks / eSTAX (6/15/19)

Britannica eBooks (eSTAX) logo

Remove Britannica eBooks (eSTAX) effective 6/15/19

  • Remove images and access links from campus/district webpages, promotional materials, and single sign-on systems
  • Remove book links from curated lists, lesson plans, learning management systems, and training materials
  • Remove MARC records from library management systems
  • Change Britannica Landing page to

Britannica eBooks (eSTAX): American History and Government Collection, Early Reader Library Collection, Elementary Biography Collection, Elementary Earth Science Collection, Elementary Language & Reading Resources Collection, Elementary Life Science Collection, Elementary Physical Science Collection, English Language Learners Collection, Extra-Curricular Interests

Britannica School, Escolar, and Moderna are not affected.

Enable Optional EBSCO eBook Collections (6/15/19)

EBSCO Academic eBook collection logo       EBSCO Business eBook Collection logo       EBSCO History eBook collection logo

Effective June 15, 2019, Academic, Business, and History eBook Collections from EBSCO are optional, and must be enabled at the district or campus level. No action is necessary to continue accessing the K-8, High School, and Educator Collections.

If your district or campus would like to enable any or all of optional eBook collections:

Note: Campuses must have a customized EBSCO username and password to enable optional EBSCO eBook collection(s) at the campus level.

  • To request a customized campus username and password contact
  • For districts with multiple campus customization requests, email a spreadsheet with District Name, City, Campus Name, eBook Collection(s) to be enabled, and Requested Username and Requested Password to and put "TexQuest Customized Login Request" in the subject line.

Program Access Changes - Most EBSCO logins will be affected (4/12/19)

Important: Program Access Changes to EBSCO

EBSCO logo

EBSCO has implemented new username and password requirements. Log in information not meeting these new criteria must be changed prior to December 31, 2019.
- Most EBSCO log-ins will be affected.
- Access information for EBSCO will need to be updated every 365 days.

To make this easier for districts which now must annually update credentials for EBSCO only, district EBSCO log in access will be changed between July 1 and July 15, 2019.

See the EBSCO Access Update Flyer and EBSCO Access and Customization FAQs for detailed information on new usernames/passwords and how this will take place.

Britannica Adds Save to Google Drive Feature (2/21/19)

"Google Drive" is now available in Britannica School Resources!

Britannica has joined our other providers in adding the "Google Drive" feature to their Britannica School resources. 

                     Elementary level                            Middle & High School levels
       Image of Google Drive feature in Britannica El            Image of Google drive feature in Britannica MS and HS

To access in the Elementary level, click on the Google Drive icon within an article, image, or video.

To access in the Middle and High School levels, first click on the Send To icon (blue arrow), then click on Google Drive, within an article, image

Gale Opposing Viewpoints In Context Chrome Extension

Gale Opposing Viewpoints in Context Chrome Extension!

Gale Opposing Viewpoints in Context icon

Enable users to view and access content from Gale’s Opposing Viewpoints In Context within Google results with the new OVIC Chrome Extension.

·        Opposing Viewpoints In Context – Chrome Extension Installation

·        Opposing Viewpoints In Context - Chrome Extension Usage Reporting

·        Opposing Viewpoints In Context - Google Admin Chrome Extension Management

·        Opposing Viewpoints In Context - Chrome Extension Best Practices

Gale blog - OVIC Chrome Extension

New TexQuest Search Portal (8/16/19))

Navigator Banner

New TexQuest Search Portal Opens 8/20/19!

TexQuest Navigator is a portal that allows users to access all TexQuest resources with one log in, as well as narrow provider searches by content level and type.

  • From, participants select preferred resource level
  • When participant selects the first resource, a dropdown will prompt for district name
  • Participant will type in the primary district password (not the special EBSCO password)
  • After entering the first TexQuest resource, participant should be able to access additional resources without signing in.

Note: This alternate search method will be for district access only and cannot be customized for additional resources.

Add Infobase Learn360 (6/15/19)

Infobase Learn360 logo

On June 15, 2019, TexQuest participating districts gained access to over 153,000 multimedia resources—including full-length videos, video clips, images, audio titles, articles, activities, worksheets, interactives, and Spanish-language content—on any Internet-enabled device.


Updated Learn360 site!

  • Learn360 changes to an enhanced platform August 13, 2019.
  • Links will redirect; no action necessary.
  • Slideshow with images

Infobase Learn360 Promotional Flyer

Infobase Learn360 Educator Guide

Visit the Infobase Learn360 TexQuest Support site for more information.

ProQuest SIRS Discoverer Changes Platform (8/1/19)

ProQuest SIRS Discoverer Migrates to New Platform 8/1/19

  • Current links automatically redirect to new link
  • Persistent links to old platform need to be updated to new platform
  • TEKS correlations coming in September,
  • Features have been updated to include Biographies, Pro-Con, Countries & States, and Animals
  • Learning resources available at Enhanced Website (7/1/19) Introduces New Enhanced Website

Check out the new and improved website. 

  • No action required. Transition should be seamless.
  • Sign up for 15 minute mini-webinars every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday in July and August. Follow this link for registration, topics, and times.

Texas Success Initiative (TSI) Prep Now in Learning Express (2/21/19)

TSI Prep Now in Learning Express/PrepSTEP

Find these resources in the STAAR  and TSI Prep Center, or do a search for TSI.

Image of Texas Success Initiative in EBSCO LearningExpress


EBSCO Learning Express Added to TexQuest (update 12/3/18)

EBSCO Learning Express logo

Learning Express DIY Screencast (26:06)


Template for Educator Email
Modify this email template to make counselors, teachers, and administrators aware of this new resource.

Access and Use (Handout)

  • Add the Learning Express icon and your custom district URL to your district/campus library web page. Check with your library contact or TexQuest Support Center for district url. Icons and generic URL available at

  • Click on "Sign In/Register” and create a personal account by confirming institution, providing name and email address, and  creating a password. Returning users enter username and password in the “Sign in to Your Account” section in the lower right corner of the Home page. (Creating a personal account allows each user to access practice exams and view test scores). The user can also click “I'd rather NOT register with my email” on the registration page and use a secret question instead.

  • Access PrepSTEP for High Schools or Learning Express Library for Public Libraries through your TexQuest log inThey share many resources, but some are unique to an individual collection.

  • Districts can also login to their EBSCO Select Service page to access Learning Express or use the new EBSCO landing page.

  • Individual campuses accessing their own Select Service page can email to create a campus profile for Learning Express.​

​More Resources

  • Visit the EBSCO TexQuest Learning Express Support Site, for more information, as well as training and support material.
  • Product Training Videos can be accessed from any page on the Learning Express site by simply clicking the Video Guides tab in the blue horizontal navigation bar.

Gale's Chilton Library Added to TexQuest - 7/18/18

New TexQuest Resource - Gale's Chilton Library!

Chilton Library is an authoritative automotive repair resource that covers the most popular vehicles from the past 30 years.

Training Tutorials

Template for Educator Email

Modify this email template to make CTE instructors, administrators, and other targeted users aware of this new resource

Adding Chilton

  • Add Chilton to district/campus webpages with the icon and direct link at Images and Links.
  • Chilton Library will be automatically added to your Gale landing page unless you have customized
  • Add Chilton to a customized landing page by contacting Gale Customer Support.

Team Up with TexQuest at TLA 2019! (4/1/19)

TLA 2019 logo                           TLA 2019 TexQuest Contest
      Win a half-day of training for your district or campus TexQuest team.
Winner: Rosa Miller, Harlingen CISD
Presentations: (List with full descriptions)

Monday, 4/15   
Room 12A, lvl 4 

Librarians and Techs Talk TexQuest

North East ISD

Tuesday, 4/16
Room 18AB, lvl 4
TexShare & TexQuest Updates Liz Philippi, TSLAC
Danielle Plumer, TSLAC
Russlene Waukechon, TSLAC
Tuesday, 4/16
3:15 - 4:15 
Room 9C, lvl 3

TexQuest + Digital Tools:
Team up to Spark Student Creativity

Ann Vyoral, ESC-20
Susan Reeves, ESC-20

Britannica School Insights Chrome Extension - 10/12/2018

Britannica School Insights logo

Britannica announces Britannica School Insights, a new FREE Chrome browser extension that brings Britannica School content to the search engine results. Add Britannica School Insights to Chrome individually or Learn How to Roll Out to Your Google or Microsoft District.

Adam Matthew Digital Resources No Longer Part of TexQuest (10/1/18)

Message from the Texas State Library and Archives Commission:

Effective November 1, 2018, Adam Matthew resources The American West and American Indian Histories and Cultures will no longer be available through the TexShare or TexQuest programs. Please inform your users, especially any users who may have incorporated these resources in curriculum or syllabi.

    Funding for TexQuest is provided in part by a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services in combination with state and local funds.