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TexQuest provides access to authoritative digital resources for educators, students, and students' immediate families in Texas K-12 public schools and open-enrollment charter schools.

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Spanish resources
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Direct links, icons, and additional materials available on Britannica Support site at the TexQuest Provider Support page.

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For your district's direct Learning Express link, contact the TexQuest Support Center.

Direct links, icons, and additional materials available from EBSCO Support on the TexQuest Provider Support page.


*See instructions below to embed district or campus URL in Gale resources.

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(link to access Gale TexQuest resources)

Elementary / Middle School resources

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Kids Infobits

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Research in Context

Middle / High School resources

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Infotrac Student Edition

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Student Resources in Context

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Science in Context

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Infotrac Newsstand

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(Gale Literary Sources replaced Artemis.
LitFinder, Literature Resource Center, Scribner Writers, and Twayne's Authors are included)

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*Customize Gale URL for your campus/district account.
- Right click on desired Gale image(s), save to your computer, and upload to your web page.
- Highlight desired Gale link, right click on link, copy and paste into a new browser.
- Replace GaleLocID in the URL with your campus or district Gale Loc ID.
  For example: (Gale district link format)
  (Gale Nat Geo Kids district link format)

Don't know your Gale Loc ID?
Lookup Gale Loc ID

Note: The Gale Loc ID is the Gale username . Only the password is needed to access the Gale resources.

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To request a customized Gale page please contact Gale.

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Infobase Learn360 Icons and Search Widgets  

Direct links, icons, and additional materials available on Infobase Learn360 Support site at the TexQuest Provider Support page.

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Direct links, icons, and additional materials available on ProQuest Support site at the TexQuest Provider Support page.