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TexQuest provides access to authoritative digital resources for educators, students, and students' immediate families in Texas K-12 public schools and open-enrollment charter schools.

Tools & Training


  • Keep Sharing the News presentation from TASLA 2018. Ann Vyoral, ESC-20
  • NEISD motivates teachers and students to Go Beyond Google in multipe ways including blended learning, gamification, and digital badging. We shared these methods at TCEA and TLA. Presentation Lib Guide linked. Teresa Diaz, Janita Flores, Erika Murray, Christie Hirst, Roxanne Jenke, NEISD, San Antonio
  • I presented to our librarians group and shared tips on how to train teachers and get students interested in using TexQuest. Slide show attached. Louise Lankau, Humble ISD
  • Library services has created a calendar for the school year where we highlight a different digital resource each month, the majority are TexQuest resources. For each resource, I create a "PD in your Pocket", which is a resource for librarians to use with their staff and/or students to introduce and work with the resource. For example, to promote Kids Infobits, I created a Thinglink to encourage exploration of the database's features. During the month, we also include brief "did you know" features in our weekly digital newsletter to the librarians, such as linking to a video tutorial or giving a fun suggestion how to use the resource. I rely on many of the TexQuest ideas and teacher resources from the publishers. Many of the librarians are utilizing these to then publicize on their campuses and send out to families. Wendy Howk, NEISD, San Antonio
  • We placed a color add in the local newspaper for 2 weeks promoting our Parent Training Meetings in September, where we included TexQuest resources.  We also created a district TexQuest Resources page (with a QR code to link to the district TexQuest page). Image of newspaper ad Robyn Derington, Fort Stockton ISD
  • As a librarian leader, I am promoting the use of TexQuest by collaborating with the teachers and showing other librarians the benefit of using them by conducting professional development. Dr. Rosenid Badia, Dallas ISD
  • I made instructional videos on how to use the databases, especially since we are a GAFE school, and sent them to district personnel, posted them on our website, and posted links to them on our Twitter and Facebook pages. Link to screencast for Opposing Viewpoints. Nicole Ellis, La Vernia ISD
  • Teacher training is one way to promote TexQuest resources. I had teachers create a  3D graphic organizer during the training. I did this in lieu of PowerPoint handout pages. This hands on activity engaged them during the training and each one left with a reference tool for using TexQuest, including QR codes for some of the TexQuest training videos. Pictures of sample.  Janice Brown, Southwest ISD
  • Mesquite ISD librarians used their creativity to learn about TexQuest and other district online subscriptions as they rotated through stations and compiled and shared Sketchnotes on individual resources. Then they each chose a resource and created a promotion for their campus. See pictures of some of their Sketchnotes here. Mary Woodard and Debbie Swartz, Mesquite ISD
  • G Suite + TexQuest = A Match Made in Research Heaven. Slide presentation by Richelle O'Neil, Prosper ISD
  • We created a book scavenger hunt using the QR codes generated at Instructions. Nicole Cruz, Sharyland ISD
  • The district library staff, district instructional coaching staff, and our district literacy specialist all attended a full day training learning the many aspects of Britannica and Gale.  This collaborative effort has proven very effective in increasing our TexQuest usage as teachers are discovering many new ways that these resources can be integrated into their classroom curriculum. We have made several teacher friendly tutorials to guide teachers in accessing these valuable databases and are sharing out on the campuses and through Google Drive.  All of our campus webpages have been designed using the teacher/student friendly icons for easy access. Link to group photo and resource websites. Sharon Varnon, Floresville ISD
  • I show districts how to use TexQuest resources with their Promethean boards. It's a great way to explore image-rich resources like Kids InfoBits - and you can even sync the read aloud for viewing. Susan Reeves, ESC-20
  • We created IP authenticaiton so that students, teachers, and other users can access resources directly from any classroom, library, or office on campus. We also decided to use a disrict username and password for home access to all resources, and did away with access for individula campuses. We no longer have to re-teach access information when student move to a new school, and all library communication (like parent resources) is consistent K-12. Nicole Cruz, Sharyland ISD
  • I took the time to enter each of the novels that ELA will be reading this year into to see if there were any resources available. Then I sent the ELA teachers the direct links to open to the page containing the info. I also requested from all the Department Heads a copy of their YAG documents, so I can search the TexQuest resources to find the best information that can assist them. Darvin Koenig, Sharyland ISD
  • I share TexQuest Digital Resources state-wide with our TREC members! Link to screencast on how to add TexQuest resources to Follett Destiny. Debbie Reilling, ESC-11
  • One of the challenges of promoting digital resources is making them more visible and accessible to students. National Geographic Kids has outstanding nonfiction eBooks and digital magazines, but for younger students, it can be a daunting task to find specific resources quickly. For selected eBooks and National Geographic Kids digital magazines, we print the front cover, table of contents, one page of text and a citation/QR code and affix them to a file folder. The folder is laminated and made available in classrooms so students can access selected National Geographic digital resources via classroom iPads. Photo of folders. Dee Dee Davenport, NEISD
  • We print brochures with the resources listed and described, available at each parent meeting.  We also send these home with parents in ARD meetings because many of the resources provide help for those students.  On this brochure, we can provide logins and passwords. Teena Garvin, Garland ISD
  • I used TexQuest to find images for every person and every event specified in my TEKs. I then attached a QR code that links the pictures to articles in Britannica School. I framed them and made ahuge timeline/gallery walk for my kids to do with iPads. I also put thumbtacks in the frames so my students cold use string to link different pictures with cause/effect. social studies teacher, ESC-20
  • An 8th grade ELA teacher approached me for TexQuest information regarding research and Opposing Viewpoints in Context. She would be using Chrome Books as part of a pilot program. I knew she would have little time during the STAAR week for training or preparation. I created a google document with a link to a pre-recorded Gale training video and some suggestions to introduce the database to her classes. She was able to view this on her own time in preparation for the lesson. We shared our document with other ELA teachers. The word is out, and I have now collaborated with teachers and created documents and activities on multiple levels. Wendy Allen, Ingleside ISD
  • Share the Texquest resources with curriculum coordinators so they can include links in curriculum documents. Easiest way to get teachers to use Texquest! Debbie Swartz, Mesquite ISD
  • As I find out what teachers are assigning, I figure out what databases would be of greatest value to their students.  I then contact the teachers by subject, let them know about these resources, and offer to teach students how to use them effectively. Nikki Stroud, Azle ISD
  • Add links to popular magazines and journals that can be accessed from Gale to your website, for a "virtual" periodical section. From each link patrons can access articles from each issue of the publication, and set up a publication alert to be notified when the next issue is available. Link to page. (NOTE: For this to work from your district's webpage, you will have to replace the loc ID in the url to your district's) Jace Daily, Castleberry ISD
  • We had a weekly drawing for students who were “Caught Searching” in the library, computer lab, or classroom or even on their device.  The requirement was they had to be using a TexQuest resource.  The student entered their name in a drawing.  They won a $10 gift card. Example Annoucement of Winner Nicole Cruz, Sharyland ISD
  • We gave out bookmarks to each student and teacher in the district with the district TexQuest username and password (customized) and put up TexQuest posters at each campus.  We also created a district TexQuest Resources page (with a QR code on the posters to link to the district TexQuest page) and added the We Use TexQuest icon to our district webpage banner. Screenshot of district webpage Robyn Derington, Fort Stockton ISD
  • Add widgets to your websites for Spanish students. Britannica: On this page, click on the link located on the left that reads: “Widgets de búsqueda de Britannica Escolar” The widget codes for the different levels is displayed there. Marsha Edney, Henderson ISD
  • Creating a Symbaloo for the library resource page gives kids a visual in their minds of what we have available. Jennifer LaRowe, Angleton ISD
  • I customized the Valentine's Day TexQuest flyer and posted it around our campus, and posted it to our Twitter and Facebook pages! Nicole Ellis, La Vernia ISD
  • I welcome new students with a Google canned message that includes all the resources, links, and passwords. As students come to the library to have ID's made, I have the opportuity to see them on the first day of school and introduce them to our library page and digital resources. Then, as a research unit begins, I re-send the canned message in my Google school email to all students in that grade. Marsha Edney, Henderson ISD

  • I added the "We Use TexQuest" logo to my e-mail signature. Stacy Cameron, Frisco ISD 
    Frisco ISD banner displayed on signature of district librarian's email
  • I obtained the set of posters from the Gale Promo to put up several bulletin boards. Then I read some of the brochures promoting TexQuest and pulled out some words to use with Word Art. Once the words were printed, I placed them around the bulletin board posters to help students understand some of the advantages of using the TexQuest resources. Examples of the words: Charts and Graphs, Anytime Access, Video, Multimedia, Audioclips, Newspapers, etc. Maria Esther Peynado, Mercedes ISD
  • I have the logon information at every computer in the library. I always ask students what they are working on so that I am able to suggest the best databases. I have also worked with non core curriculum teachers/staff to implement the use of TexQuest. Michelle Chmelar, Caldwell ISD
  • Create small login handouts called "Sweet Search" with the URL,  username, and password for Valentine's Day. It could be renamed "lucky search" for St. Patricks, "eggcellent search" at Easter, etc. Copy and edit sample here.  Marsha Edney, Henderson ISD
  • Have students take pictures of their user names and passwords to store on their phones. Marsha Edney, Henderson ISD
  • Send all teachers an emai with links, instructions, user names, and passwords. Many of us save everything to email files, and can access them anyplace or anytime we need the information.  Anonymous teacher  

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