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TexQuest: News & Updates

Reliable online resources for Texas public schools provided with support from the Texas Legislature

Summer 2020 TexQuest Program Changes (5/4/20)

TexQuest logo

Summer 2020 Program Changes (click on the change for more information or click on the boxes below):

Update your district contacts and/or sign up for the TexQuest X-Press to make sure you receive all important information.

Accessing via the TexQuest Navigator vs direct TexQuest provider links

TexQuest Navigator and direct provider resource access reminders

This will allow you access to ALL TexQuest resources, including EBSCO.

  • If you access TexQuest resources via direct provider links...
    • Visit Access TexQuest resources OR access from your district/campus webpages or LMS/SSO systems
    • Type your district or campus username and password for each provider
    • Remember for Gale the username is the Gale Loc ID and for EBSCO the password is the EBSCO Only password ending in 20!
  • Your district's EBSCO ONLY password will be used only...

Program Access Changes - Most EBSCO passwords will be affected (5/4/20)

Important: District Password Changes to EBSCO

EBSCO logo

As part of EBSCO's current username and password requirements, passwords must be updated every 365 days.

To make this annual update, for EBSCO only, easier for TexQuest participants, district EBSCO passwords will be changed between July 1 and July 15, 2020.

For most passwords,19! will be changed to 20! See EBSCO Access and Customization FAQs for detailed information on new passwords and how this will take place.

After July 15, 2020, new passwords will be emailed from TexQuest Support to district Primary, Librarian, and Technology contacts.

Gale Kids Infobits becomes Gale in Context: Elementary (5/4/20)

Gale in Context Elementary icon

Beginning May 29, 2020, Gale Kids InfoBits  will undergo product enhancements and become Gale In Context: Elementary. 


  • Visit Images and Links for icons to change on district and campus web pages, single sign-on and learning management systems.
  • ​Resource will automatically be added to TexQuest Gale pages.
  • Resource will be accessed with current Gale credentials.
  • Campuses/districts with customized Gale pages should contact Gale or replace icon on Gale pages.

Visit Gale’s blog for more information.
Register for a live demo of Gale In Context: Elementary exclusively for libraries
Information also available at Gale Support.

Live Gale in Context: Elementary webinar to review interface and tool enhancements
Tuesday, June 2, 2020, 2:303:00 PM ET

Summer 2019 TexQuest Program Changes (6/15/19)

Enable Optional EBSCO eBook Collections (6/15/19)

EBSCO Academic eBook collection logo       EBSCO Business eBook Collection logo       EBSCO History eBook collection logo

Effective June 15, 2019, Academic, Business, and History eBook Collections from EBSCO are optional, and must be enabled at the district or campus level. No action is necessary to continue accessing the K-8, High School, and Educator Collections.

If your district or campus would like to enable any or all of optional eBook collections:

Note: Campuses must have a customized EBSCO username and password to enable optional EBSCO eBook collection(s) at the campus level.

  • To request a customized campus username and password contact
  • For districts with multiple campus customization requests, email a spreadsheet with District Name, City, Campus Name, eBook Collection(s) to be enabled, and Requested Username and Requested Password to and put "TexQuest Customized Login Request" in the subject line.

Britannica Adds Save to Google Drive Feature (2/21/19)

"Google Drive" is now available in Britannica School Resources!

Britannica has joined our other providers in adding the "Google Drive" feature to their Britannica School resources. 

                     Elementary level                            Middle & High School levels
       Google Drive feature in Britannica El            Google drive feature in Britannica MS and HS

To access in the Elementary level, click on the Google Drive icon within an article, image, or video.

To access in the Middle and High School levels, first click on the Send To icon (blue arrow), then click on Google Drive, within an article, image

Gale Opposing Viewpoints In Context Chrome Extension

Gale Opposing Viewpoints in Context Chrome Extension!

Gale Opposing Viewpoints in Context icon

Enable users to view and access content from Gale’s Opposing Viewpoints In Context within Google results with the new OVIC Chrome Extension.

·        Opposing Viewpoints In Context – Chrome Extension Installation

·        Opposing Viewpoints In Context - Chrome Extension Usage Reporting

·        Opposing Viewpoints In Context - Google Admin Chrome Extension Management

·        Opposing Viewpoints In Context - Chrome Extension Best Practices

Gale blog - OVIC Chrome Extension

Learn360 Chrome Extension (2/18/20)

Infobase Learn360 icon

Infobase has a new FREE Chrome browser extension that brings Learn360 content to the search engine results. Add Infobase Learn360 extension to Chrome.

New TexQuest Search Portal (8/16/19)

TexQuest Navigator Banner

New TexQuest Search Portal Opens 8/20/19!

TexQuest Navigator is a portal that allows users to access all TexQuest resources with one log in, as well as narrow provider searches by content level and type.

  • From, participants select preferred resource level
  • When participant selects the first resource, a dropdown will prompt for district name
  • Participant will type in the primary district password (not the special EBSCO password)
  • After entering the first TexQuest resource, participant should be able to access additional resources without signing in.

Note: This alternate search method will be for district access only and cannot be customized for additional resources.

TexQuest E-mail Blasts

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