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TexQuest: How Do I?

Reliable online resources for Texas public schools provided with support from the Texas Legislature

FAQs: How Do I...?

  ...obtain icon images and direct links to place on my campus/district web pages?
Go to Provider Support to access the provider support pages or Images and Links under the Connect tab on

...find copyright information? 

 ...find Curriculum Standards and which TexQuest resources provide them?

...find the Gale AccessMyLibrary School Edition mobile app?

...find the EBSCO eBooks mobile app? EBSCO eBooks?

​Information on downloading EBSCO eBooks

EBSCO eBooks Accessibility Guide

...disable individual EBSCO eBook collections(K-8 Collection, HS Collection, Academic Collection, Business Collection, Education Collection, History Collection)

1.  Login to EBSCO Admin. (If you do not have an EBSCO Admin account, email
2.  Choose your district or campus name from Current Site drop-down menu
3.  Select "Choose an Individual eBook Collection" from Choose Profile dropdown menu
4.  Select the blue "Databases" tab
5.  Click the "Off" radio button next to the eBook collection you want disabled
6.  Click Submit

Screencast of steps to disable collection
Video on how to enable/disable EBSCO eBook collections

For questions contact or 800-653-2726 x3268

...enable individual optional EBSCO eBook collections(Academic Collection, Business Collection, History Collection)

1.  Login to EBSCO Admin. (If you do not have an EBSCO Admin account, email
2.  Choose your district or campus name from Current Site drop-down menu
3.  Select "Choose an Individual eBook Collection" from Choose Profile dropdown menu
4.  Select the blue "Databases" tab
5.  Select "Disabled" from the Show drop-down menu (you will see list of 3 disabled eBook collections)

6.  Select the "On" radio button next to the eBook collection you want enabled

7.   Click Submit

Video on how to enable/disable EBSCO eBook collections

For questions contact or 800-653-2726 x3268

...adjust checkout duration and other settings for EBSCO eBooks?

1.  Login to EBSCO Admin. (If you do not have an EBSCO Admin account, email
2.  Choose Site/Group Maintenance in the top right corner
3.  Click the “Go” link below eBooks
4.  Adjust your settings
5.  Click Submit
to save your changes

Steps to adjust checkout settings in EBSCO eBooks

For questions contact or 800-653-2726 x3268

...find out about privacy policies?

...embed a searching widget? Copy and paste the code of your preferred widget to your webpage:

...access usage statistics? 

...find MARC Records?

... log into the Gale Promo website
Username: Gale14563
Password: 14563

For questions regarding Gale promotional material orders, please contact Tim Hamlin, Gale Customer Success Manager, at

...create a EBSCO Admin account?

An EBSCO Admin account allows you to enhance & manage your EBSCO resources:

  • Apply custom branding to EBSCO products
  • Configure search results and display preferences
  • Customize and control access to resources
  • Create and manage local collections
  • Retrieve usage statistics

...create a Gale Admin account? 

  • Email Gale Tech Support for an Admin Account at or call 800-877-4253, option 4. You may be asked for your Gale Loc ID. The Gale Loc ID is j + 6 digit district or 9 digit campus TEA number. If you do not know your TEA number, look up District or Campus.

A Gale Admin account allows you to quickly and easily manage your library's online resources to: 

  • Customize and personalize settings
  • Access up-to-date usage statistics
  • Manage individual product preferences
  • Control authentication, including passwords, IP addresses, remote authentication, and more

...create a Learn360 Admin account?

...create a My Learn360 account? My Learn360 allows teachers and students to easily set up a personal user account to take advantage of the advanced features available including: playlists, favorites, folders, saved searches, and custom segments.

  • Login to Infobase Learn360
  • Select My Learn360 in the upper right corner
  • Select Create an Account
  • Complete all information
  • Click OK

Additional information is available at How Do I Create My Own Learn360 Account?

For questions about My Learn360 contact Learn360 Technical Support.

... create an Educator account in My Britannica? ‘My Britannica’ provides educators with a quick way to collect materials including encyclopedia articles, images, and videos. Whether planning a lesson or just needing quick access to important information, you can log into ‘My Britannica’ from school, home, or the library. 
Students can also create My Britannica accounts so they can gather all of their resources in one place and organize them in folders.They will need to supply a username and password, but do not need to supply their email address.

  • Login to Britannica School
  • Select My Britannica in the upper right corner
  • Select Sign Up
  • Fill out all information
  • Click OK

For questions about My Britannica contact Britannica Technical Support.

...create a Resource Pack in "My Britannica" (to create lesson plans)?  Resource Packs allow you to collect and organize Britannica School content around any topic of your choice. Use them to support classroom discussions or as starting points for research projects.

Steps provided here

Note: Any changes made to a resource pack will be reflected in the original link. You can delete or add content and notes, and the changes will be seen by anyone with whom the link has been shared.

...access Britannica School Spanish resources (Escolar and Moderna)? (for previous Britannica School version)

  • Login to Britannica School
  • Select Your Britannica Resources in the upper right corner
  • Select Enciclopedia Moderna or Escolar Online
    Moderna is geared towards secondary students with more than 47,000 articles and 8,000 images, complete with a dictionary and atlas. Escolar consists of two levels—Primaria for elementary and Secundaria for middle school.

...find Britannica Graphic Organizers?

...copy the link for a video in Britannica?

First play the video, then right click on the video and select "Copy Video Address".

...access lesson plans, curriculum standards, and other educator resources in Britannica School?

Steps provided here

...purchase additional resources from TSLAC's School Select at state negotiated rates?

School Select

...set up proxy access for TexQuest Gale resources?

Gale Products and HTTPS Support (proxy)

...use TexQuest resources with Google?

The Cloud is the Limit - TexQuest Slide Show

Gale + Google Path Tip Sheet

Google Drive + TexQuest = A Match Made in Research Heaven

​Richelle O'Neil, Prosper ISD

How to Add Other TexQuest Resources to Google Drive

...add an image to Symbaloo?

First login to Symbaloo, then follow the steps below.

Steps to add images to Symbaloo 


Contact TexQuest Support Center

Image of students in classroom with one raising hand
Can't find an answer to your question? Email the TexQuest Support Center or call 844-719-1501 (toll-free).

    Funding for TexQuest is provided in part by a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services in combination with state and local funds.