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TexQuest provides access to authoritative digital resources for educators, students, and students' immediate families in Texas K-12 public schools and open-enrollment charter schools.


Curation and Customization by Providers

Membership in the TexQuest program provides access to many benefits, including the ability for districts to participate in the TexQuest Electronic Resources Program. This program helps students and educators alike by providing access to resources that help support and further the educational attainment of all students. As a reminder during these summer months, we urge you to take this time to review the program’s resources, assess your district’s educational priorities and local needs, and select the resources that support your various learning communities and campuses.

While TSLAC does not endorse any particular resources, the program makes available an array of quality materials that, as a whole, provide a wide range of options to meet the differing needs of the state’s varied learning communities. School districts are responsible for selection of the specific electronic resources to make available to their Authorized Users. In addition to the selection of resource packages in general, TexQuest members are empowered to curate specific content within electronic resources in line with the local district’s policies and procedures, including removing content the district does not want to make available to its users. Each school district and school librarian should make choices in the materials that they make available to their students.

TSLAC and the TexQuest team will continue working with local districts around Texas to help schools of all types ensure districts know how to use the tools available to them to make the appropriate selections for their individual communities. Please contact the TexQuest Team with any questions.

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