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TexQuest provides access to authoritative digital resources for educators, students, and students' immediate families in Texas K-12 public schools and open-enrollment charter schools.


Invoicing FAQs

What is the TexQuest Program Membership Fee for 2023-2024?

  • The Texas State Library & Archives Commission (TSLAC) has set the State Fiscal Year (SFY) 2024 annual program membership fee at 29 cents per student, based on district enrollment. 
  • The October 2022 enrollment figure will be used to calculate the FY 2024 invoice. 
  • TEA district enrollment is found on AskTED
  • The State Fiscal Year runs from September 1 – August 31.

What time period is covered in the September payment?

  • Payment of the September 2023 invoice (SFY 24) maintains District program membership from September 1, 2023 – August 31, 2024.

When will my district receive a quote for the upcoming fiscal year?

What if a district signs up during the school year?

  • If a District that has never participated in TexQuest signs up for TexQuest after March 30, they will gain access to TexQuest resources for the remainder of that Fiscal Year and be invoiced for the next Fiscal Year the following September.

How can I make sure my district has paid the invoice?

  • Check with TSLAC if you are unsure of your district’s payment status. Email Accounting.
  • NOTE: The TexQuest Support Center does not handle questions about invoicing or payments.

Who do I contact for information on TexQuest invoicing and/or payments?

  • The Texas State Library & Archives Commission (TSLAC) administers the TexQuest program and is responsible for all matters pertaining to invoicing and payments.
    • Quotes
    • Invoices
    • Payments
    • Purchase orders
    • W-9 forms
    • Sole source letters
    • Amount due
    • Participation Renewal
  • Email TSLAC Accounting Department or call 512-463-5512.
  • NOTE: The TexQuest Support Center does not handle questions about invoicing or payments.

What is TSLAC's remittance address for purchase orders and payments?

REMIT TO:  Texas State Library and Archives Commission
                     Accounting Department
                     PO Box 12516
                     Austin, TX 78711-2516

Federal Employer Identification Number: 74-6000126

How does my district set up TSLAC as a vendor?

  • If your District purchasing office requires forms, such as a W-9 or sole source letter, email
  • Many District Purchasing Offices ask for a Disclosure Form:
    • The Texas State Library and Archives Commission is a political subdivision of the state of Texas, and therefore not subject to the disclosure requirements of Chapter 176, Texas Local Government Code.  Please refer to Texas Local Government Code, Title 5, Subtitle C, Chapter 176, Section 176.002 (b) (1).

When will my district be invoiced?
TSLAC'S State Fiscal Year 2024 invoicing timeline is as follows: 

  • May 24, 2023 - Spring TexQuest Participation Summary report sent by TSLAC to district Primary, Librarian, and Accounting contacts which includes the SFY 2024 Participation Fee Estimate for the invoice which will be sent in September 2023. For questions about the Participation Summary report contact Vanessa Ashcraft.
  • September 19, 2023 – TSLAC SFY 2024 TexQuest Invoices emailed to District Primary, Librarian, and Accounting contacts. Payment is due in 60 days.
    Note: To ensure your district receives the invoice, make sure your district's contacts are up-to-date by visiting District Contact Updates and complete the form. If you do not know the contacts on file for your district, email the TexQuest Support Center.
  • November 30, 2023 – Payment is due to TSLAC Accounting (TSLAC's remittance address is provided at Invoices and Purchase Orders).
  • November 1, 2023 – First payment reminder email sent to Primary, Librarian, and Accounting Contacts for non-payment.
  • December 12, 2023 – Second and final payment reminder email sent to Primary, Librarian, and Accounting Contacts for non-payment.
  • January 16, 2024 – Third payment reminder email sent to Primary, Librarian, and Accounting Contacts for non-payment.
  • January 31, 2024 - Districts that have not paid the SFY 2024 invoice will lose access to TexQuest resources. Notice is sent to Primary, Librarian, and Accounting Contacts.

Texas State Library and Archives Invoicing FAQs

What happens if my district does not pay the invoice?

  • Districts that do not pay the September 2023 invoice will lose access to TexQuest resources in January 2024. Access will be restored when the invoice is paid. The district contacts on file will be notified of the District’s re-activated status via an email from the TexQuest Support Center.

If my district loses access, do we have to sign up again?

  • To re-establish access to TexQuest resources during the current year, pay your district’s invoice. Contact TSLAC Accounting at if you need another copy of your invoice or if you have questions.
  • NOTE: If your district has not been a member of TexQuest for more than one fiscal year, contact TSLAC Accounting for instructions.

In case my district does not pay, can my campus continue to have a membership?

  • No, access to TexQuest is for district-level only.